What our customers say:

  • Super easy, 30-minute or less install. My coworkers said they look OEM. I believe that says a lot, fantastic job guys!

    - Richard T 10/5/22
  • Easy installation and good fit. Nice, subtle look. They seem to keep the rocks (and cones?) off of my car during autocross events and track days.

    - T T 5/06/22
  • These are very non-noticeable when installed and do their job. Prevent those horrible chips that every S2000 gets at the bottom edge of the front fender. I purchased all 4 for uniformity. Buy with confidence! Save the fenders!

    - Paul A 5/10/22
  • Brilliant idea for keeping the lower fenders from road debris chips. Substantial product with little effort to install, plus they look great without the heavy look of mud guards.

    - R A 7/28/22
  • It’s barely noticeable and looks OEM. Does a good job protecting my paint from debris due to the sticky tires on flush offset wheels on the ND miata!

    - Paul K 12/30/21
  • Fantastic quality, and a great price!

    - William T 10/11/21
  • Personally, it's not bad looking. At first I was hesitant but it blends in very well with my car. Protects as it should. Great product, guys!

    - Jerry L 5/13/22
  • No matter if your Miata is on a stock setup or track, I highly recommend this product! Without them, no matter the tire size, you will kick up rocks and road grime onto the side of your car. With these chip guards installed, it will help vastly help keep your car clean and clear of road debris. Buy them!

    - Andre P 4/21/22
  • Hate the splatter? So do we.

    Rock chips, mud, dirt, and salty slush are an eyesore and ruin the paint over time.

  • Effective designs, nothing more.

    Our guards seamlessly blend in with each vehicle, as if they came on the car from the factory.

  • Made in the USA

    Guard material, equipment and packaging are all USA-sourced, with manufacturing and distribution based in Chicago, IL.

Focus ST and S2000 Chip Guards shown here: