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2022+ Audi RS3 Guards

2022+ Audi RS3 Guards

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Megachip™ guards drastically reduce rock chips and sandblasting of the paint on the sides of the vehicle. These are CAD-designed rubber guards with 3D-printed brackets. 3M™ VHBtape mounts the front guards.

RS3 Rear guard hardware
Easy mounting system / 10-minute installation time

The rear guards use OEM hardware (two fender liner screws) to firmly bolt themselves to the vehicle, and feature 1/2" of adjustability for those with stock or wider wheel setups.


  • Tough rubber-based material is ultra-flexible with an OEM+ finish
  • Reduces rock chips along the sides of the fenders and rear bumper. Drive with confidence on rough pavement, through construction sites, and offroad settings
  • Cuts down on splashing even at highway speeds
  • Functional in all weather conditions including reducing spray from snow and salty slush
  • Engineered and tested specifically on the RS3 with Chicago Winter driving to ensure functionality
  • No drilling, vehicle modifications, or aftermarket hardware required
  • Installation instructions included
  • Made in the USA with USA materials

What's included:

  • 4x Megachip guards
  • 4x Alcohol prep pads
  • 1x Adhesion promoter pad
  • Installation instructions
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

What's needed:

  • Torx T25 bit with a 90° ratchet

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Why do you use 3M™ adhesive for mounting?

3M™ VHB™ tape creates a strong, permanent bond without the need for drilling or making holes.

There is no damage caused by the mounting process. After installation, the specific VHB™ we use (45 mil 5952) bonds exceptionally well to the vehicle plastics and painted surfaces as well as the rubber guard material, in all weather conditions.

Can you drive through a car wash with these? What about pressure washers?

With a proper installation, we guarantee the guards will stay attached to the vehicle except in cases of car crashes or physical contact of the guards with very large road debris.

Do these work in cold, snowy Winter conditions?

Absolutely. With six years and counting, Megachip guards have been put to the test through harsh Midwest winters, and have made many satisfied customers who experience extremely cold conditions.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 30-day money back/exchange window, and will work with you to resolve any issues after that period. Rarely, a customer may lose a single guard in a car accident, a repair shop removing one and not replacing it, or a poor installation. We ensure customer satisfaction and will help you resolve any issues. Please email us at